Tapiocan Pricing Plans

For more information, contact: support@tapiocan.com

100% Total Customization

1000+ Templates

150+ Components

Tutorial for Every Step


3-Month Trial Free Account - Each free account has a 3-month trial period. Your trial account and website will be deactivated at the end of the trial period.

Pro Account Cancellation Policy - Tapiocan offers all users a 3-month free trial account, and users have complete access to all components and features except some advanced functionalities. The Pro Account (Monthly and Annual Subscription) is unavailable for refund. 

Domain & Mailboxes Cancellation & Refund Policy - Domain and Mailboxes are final sale and not refundable.


Available Free TLDs - .com / .co.uk / .de / .eu / .fr / .it / .net / .org / .ca (For .ca domain, please contact Tapiocan at support@tapiocan.com since our team needs to manually register on the backend). Available Free TLDs

Higher Priced TLDs - If you want to purchase a domain with unique TLDs, you would need to pay an additional cost. However, the domain still belongs to you treated as the free domain included in the Pro (Annual) plan. Higher Price TLDs

Frequently Asked Questions


Logo Design

What's the difference between Free and Pro?
​PRO offers you many advantages including a custom domain, 5 business email boxes, statistic monitoring, and priority support and all advanced website components such as e-commerce, booking,reservation, HTML/CSS Script, Language Translator, and more!​


I have a Free version. How could I upgrade to the Pro version?
​From the management panel (Righthand side column), you need to click on the "Pro" icon and follow the guided procedure. Enter the required data, make the payment and you are ready to enjoy all advanced functions.


Can I use a domain that I already own?  

Absolutely. Transferring a domain to Tapiocan is very simple. Simply ask for the transfer code (AuthCode) to your current provider and insert in during the registration process or email us at support@tapiocan.com, our team could guide you through the process.

If you would like to keep your domain with your current domain registrar. You could configure DNS records pointing to your website with Tapiocan. The type of records to be configured to connect your domain to the website you created using Tapiocan are A Record, AAAA Record, CNAME Record, and MX Record (If Applicable)

-A Record: You will have to leave blank (or enter @) the hostname field and in IP address enter

-CNAME Record: Enter the hostname www, and as a value enter the name of your domain, for example: tapiocan.com. It is possibly that this CNAME record already exists, in which case just leave it that way.

-AAAA Record: You will have to insert only one Record: You will have to leave blank (or enter @) the hostname field and in IP Address enter 2600: 1901: 0000: 0609: 0000: 0000: 0000: 0000


-MX Record: By purchasing the PRO version of Tapiocan, you could keep your mailboxes on the current provider, or activate the five mail boxes (5GB Each) included for free in Annual Pro plan. In the field Host name you need to enter mail in CNAME insert mail.DOMAIN.cust.a.hostedemail.com. You will have to leave the field blank Host name and MX Record insert mx.DOMAIN.cust.a.hostedemail.com. You will have to leave the field blank Host name , and insert TXT record with the Value for "v=spf1 include:_spf.hostedemail.com ~all"




Will my website be visible on mobile devices?

Yes, and you will have two different options: the adapted version of your desktop site or you can create and optimize the mobile version of your site directly.


Which servers do Tapiocan use? 

Tapiocan uses Google Cloud Platform Servers to ensure the best performance possible. We continually update the software with the latest versions to ensure the maximum security of your data.